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In the news

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Product Information:

  • The Prodigi by Humanware is a CCTV, full page text-to-voice, and portable video magnifier with text-to-voice built into one.  A new upgrade is available for the Prodigi Tablet that allows the image from the Tablet to be displayed on a tv screen/monitor. Learn more about the Prodigi sytems available.


Recently Looped.  We are proud to share the establishments below are now able to support those experiencing hearing loss:

  • First United Methodist Church of Los Alamos - Looped January, 2015.  You may now use the T-Coil in your hearing aid to hear with clarity.  
  • Los Alamos Little Theatre - Looped December, 2014.  Hear each performance clearly using your T-Coil.
  • Christ Lutheran Church in Albuquerque- Looped August, 2016.  Use your T-Coil to remove unwanted background noise and to have sound fed directly into your hearing aid through your T-Coil. 


Contact one of our team today to see if your facility is compatible for an Induction Loop System




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