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Technology Questions

Technology Questions

Pocketalker: What is it, and how does it work?

A: A personal amplifier that enables you to hear in small groups, watch TV, or listen to a stereo. It has a small microphone attached, allowing you to connect any type of headset or neckloop. This allows the user to have increased volume and tone controls.

Pocketalker: Is it battery or AC powered?

A: There are two styles of Pocketalkers. The Pocketalker Pro has the ability to use rechargeable batteries and does not have the option of tone control. The other style is called the Pocketalker Ultra and does not use rechargeable batteries, however, possesses tone control.

Pocketalker: How can I use the Pocketalker to watch TV?

A: The microphone is removable from the Pocketalker and can be used with 10’ adapter cable. Once the microphone is at the end of the cable, it is placed next to the TV speaker. The sound coming from the TV can be decreased and the person using the Pocketalker can control their volume independently from the TV.

Alerting Devices: What is an alerting device?

A: An alerting device is any type of equipment that will change an audible sound into a louder sound, visual signal, or a tactile signal.

Alerting Devices: If I can't hear my doorbell or phone ring, does that mean I need an alerting device? Which one is best for me?

A: Yes. There are four main manufacturers of alerting devices. They are all capable of notifying you if the phone or doorbell rings by either flashing lights at different intervals or louder buzzing. To notify you when sleeping, there are vibration units available as well.

To determine which one is best for you, please contact us or visit our office to meet with one of our team.


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