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My Hearing Aid Stopped Working!


It is a big concern when hearing aids stop working. Believe it or not, the solution could be simple and is part of maintaining your hearing aid device. 

If your hearing aid is not working, you probably just need to change the wax guard filter. It is common for wax filters to get clogged over time. Replacing wax filters is a normal part of caring for your device. If your hearing aid stops working or is not working correctly, most likely the filter is clogged and needs to be changed. Replacing the wax filter guard is a quick, easy process and you can do it yourself any time. 

Easy Steps to Replacing Wax Filter

  1. Remove the rubber dome to get access to the wax filter
  2. Take your packed of rubber domes and look for the arrow pointing to the wedge at the bottom of the package
  3. Place the hearing aid into the wedge between the speaker and the rubber dome
  4. Tug gently, twist and pull the rubber dome out and you will likely see a clogged filter.
  5. Place the removal tool with the thread into the filter and twist and pull the filter out. 
  6. Next, use the other end of the filter tool with the new filter on it
  7. Pop the new, clean filter in (no need to twist) by pressing it in firmly.
  8. Lastly, click the rubber dome back into place.

If you think you may need to change the filter on your hearing aid, here is a video that can help:

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