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Hearing Better in Places of Worship and Other Large Venues


For better understanding of speech, and to reduce the possibility of misunderstanding an important message, ‘The Hearing & Vision Center’ provides tools to help improve the clarity of sound when in a large venue.

Imagine attending a conference or your worship center and bringing the person speaking right up to your ear. Rather than having sound come through a sound system 50 ft. to 100 ft from you, imagine if sound could be fed straight into your ear. Background noise would be reduced if not eliminated and the volume of sound could be adjusted to fit your needs. An Induction Loop System, otherwise known as a Hearing System, can bring sound directly from the microphone and have it fed right into your ear.

Induction Loop Systems work with T-Coil equipped hearing aids. A T-Coil, or telecoil, is a copper wire that is placed within a hearing aid. This T-Coil will pick up sound that is going through a Loop wire, which is placed throughout or around the listening area. The Loop wire can be placed within concrete, a crawl space, beneath carpet, or in the ceiling. You will most often find places of worship, conference centers, airports, buses, and even homes with a Loop System. The Hearing and Vision Center can help with the installation of an Induction Loop System. 

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Reading Glasses & Magnifiers with Light – Newest Innovations in Visual Aids

If you have been diagnosed with Macular Degeneration or find that your prescription glasses no longer seem to help with reading the newspaper, menus, or Rx bottles, there are other options available that you may not have been exposed to before. Moving beyond the traditional handheld magnifiers, consider a magnifier with a built-in light or [...]

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Low Vision Products for seniors - To Improve Quality Of Life

With the advancing age, people are bound to face challenges with performing various physical activities. Enduring a diminishing vision is one of the struggles one may have to go through. However, if you are one of such individuals or know someone for whom low vision is a cause of constant concern, there is help at [...]

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