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Compliance/Equal Access

Compliance/Equal Access


Contact one of our team to determine if your space is compatible for a Listening System


What is the difference between a Loop System and an FM System?

The difference between a Loop System and an FM System is that an FM System offers additional privacy

and a Receiver is required to receive sound.  Unlike a Loop System, where a T-Coil equipped hearing aid

acts as the receiver, therefore, requiring no hardware.  If privacy is not a concern and you are more

interested in severing a large demographic, you may want to consider a Loop System .


What is an Induction Loop System?  

A Hearing Loop, or Induction Loop System, serves the largest number of people with the least degree

of maintenance/long term cost.  


A Loop System works in conjunction with a T-Coil equipped hearing aid.  The majority of hearing aids in

recent years either already come equipped with a T-Coil or may have a T-Coil added at minimal expense.

The T-Coil is a function of the hearing aid that allows the wearer to receive sound electromagnetically via

the speaker wire/PA System, feeding the sound directly into the ear.  This process eliminates unwanted

background noise and improves the clarity of sound.


A speaker wire is run along the perimeter of the listening area. Wiring may be placed in cement and crawl

space, behind floor boards and molding, under carpet and tile, etc. Your listener simply places his/her aid

on the T-Coil setting and what is coming through the PA System will be fed directly into the hearing aid. 

If there should be individuals that do not have hearing aids/t-coils, a receiver/headset may be used instead.


In the event your facility experiences strong electrical interference, you may want to consider an FM

System , which sends sound via designated channels.  Some examples that would cause unwanted

electrical interference might include poorly shielded electrical, PA, and Video System wiring.

Contact one of our team to provide an on-site visit and to discuss listening options.


What is an FM Listening System?

An FM System offers a moderate degree of confidentiality, can be portable, and can serve a large number of individuals.


FM Systems come in all shape and sizes for portability and large venue needs.  Primary differences when comparing FM

Systems will be channel frequencies, listening range, number of channels available, and method used to

recharge.  All FM Systems will have one unit that transmits sound and another unit(s) that receive sound.

One Transmitter may send to multiple Receivers.  Often, the Receiver has a built in microphone which

means it may double as a personal listening device, which can be ideal in a classroom/conference setting.

The diagram below demonstrates how the Receiver would receive sound from the transmitter/person

speaking and may also receive sound from its own built in microphone.




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