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Best Price Guarantee

Best Price Guarantee


best-prices-in-nm.jpgOur office guarantees to have the best prices.  To date, we have not had to come down in our price to match another office.  Give us a try.  You always have a 45-day full refund return ability if dissatisfied with the product, service, or expense.

The Hearing and Vision Center is a locally woman owned business.  Our staff believe in treating clients like we would like to be treated. 

Your first time evaluation will include:

  • Take a look in your ear canal to check ear health
  • Provide a Pure tone and bone conduction test
  • Provide a Speech Recognition Threshold and Word Recognition test
  • Test your understanding of speech with background noise
  • We will review your audiogram with you and show which parts of speech are being missed due to the hearing loss
  • We will make a recommendation on which aid we feel would work best for you, however, this sometimes doesn't align with what a client's budget allows.  We will help you find the best aid to align with your budget providing the  pros and cons. 

What's next?

  • Once a decision is made you will return to have your aids fit and programmed.  
  • We ask you to return for a 3-week follow up.   Now, that you have become accustomed to your aids, this is when we adjust your volume, modify tone settings, provide support on using any Apps you have available, and answer questions.
  • We will touch base with you at 6 months to ensure all is well and if adjustments are needed.
  • We would like to see you annually to ensure ear health is well and to make adjustments you may need to ensure you are geting the most out of your aids.
  • At the end of your warranty period, we will offer a reminder/recommendation to send in your aids to the manufacturer for a full overhaul.  

At the end of the day, we are here to support your needs.  Our  job is to support you in any way we can. 





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  • Visit Us: 8400 Menaul Blvd, Suite F
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